Estate Planning, Wills & Estates

If you have been left out of a Will, it is important that you get legal advice about your options and that you do so as soon as possible. If you are an eligible person, and have not been adequately provided for, you may make an application for a Family Provision Order. An eligible person... View Article

What is Probate? Probate is the process where the Supreme Court checks and verifies (“proves”) the last Will of the deceased. Once the process is completed, a document called a ‘Grant of Probate’ is issued by the Supreme Court. Do I need Probate? This all depends. In NSW, the answer is yes in most cases.... View Article

What is a Will? A Will is a legal document that details your wishes about how you want your assets gifted when you die. When does my Will come into effect? Only when you have passed away. Until then, your Will has no effect. What is an Executor? Also known as the Trustee of your... View Article